This is Not the Same

This is a branding project around a gallery show for graphic design work. The title of the show is abstract, and I felt that having a more abstract visual approach would be appropriate. I took the text and type set it in several different ways before distorting the type, creating a long twisting line that ran through the words making them almost illegible. Each poster would have a different main typographic image on it, playing into the title and making each poster different from the next. The gradient and poster layout also change, while keeping each item within the same family.

My Greatest Demon is Myself

This poster was a study in abstracting and the “slippage point”, or the shifting point between recognizing a person or object and not. I wanted to create layers and depth to the character of Whitney Houston, as well as shatter her in the way that her drug addiction ended up shattering her life. Her quote, “My biggest demon is myself,” came from her famous Crack is Whack interview ten years before her death.

Rhythm and Verse

An advertisement poster for a poetry night, this poster showcases my own raster illustration. Creating the illustration was an experiment in taking a 3-D rendered object and distorting and shifting it until it is no longer recognizable. The abstract forms and detail lent itself well to the program. Because of the power of the illustration, the type became quiet and sophisticated to balance it out and not distract from the main imagery. Overall, the project was a success.

Elton John Poster

The soul of Elton John is contained in his hands, and his instrument. I wanted to portray the feeling and movement of his music in a two dimensional space. The bright flamboyant colors and vibrating lines bring this poster to life in an eye catching way that stays true to the artist and his music.